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“I am on my manner.” For those who can determine that quote, we will not promise you a spot within the corridor of fame, however, we can promise that you just’re in tune with one of many hottest, hippest characters on the town. The identity’s Dick Tracy to be precise, and this mild-mannered crime-stopper turned star through Bandai is as much as his Fedora in hassle. Confronted with 5 main circumstances, Dick’s going to wish greater than the common safecracker to bust this game open broad and make a clean sweep of the town crime grime.

Mellow Yellow

A thriving metropolis crammed with a powerful gang of hoodlums kinds the backdrop for all D.T.’s circumstances. The saga begins with a case known as “The Bogus Bucks” (might this be counterfeit?!), and it sends Dick on a mad sprint by way of the town searching for pertinent clues. Earlier than peeling out in his Dick Tracy cell, he must take a fast breeze by way of a guide of mug-shots, which comprises a quick historical past on their prison previous in addition to the identify and tackle of the final place they had been seen.


  • Rooftop snipers take pot-shots on the D.T. cell whereas the motors by way of the streets. Though Dick can shoot from his automobile, sadly, it is not impervious to gunfire, and it wins virtually definitely be “curtains” for Dicky boy if he stays behind the wheel. The most effective transfer is to get him out of the automobile (by urgent Choose) and over to the safety of a nook or facet of construction. Now, D.T. can run out, lire, after which return to the relative security offered by the buildings.
  • Be careful with safes that mysteriously fly out of home windows whilst you’re contained in the seventh and E nightclub.
  • If Dick’s well-being meter is driving on near-empty (half a badge or much less), duck right into a police station for as much as one complete badge of recent power.

Watch Out for the “Stoolies”

Seedy dockyards, warehouses, factories, and sleazy nightclubs are several of the joints Dick should scope out for clues. Keep alert, these locations are infested with extra than simply wharf-rats. Make a radical search of the constructing and you will ultimately come throughout a clue or the ugly mug Dick’s been lookin’ for.

  • You may mot to maintain a pen and paper useful to jot down data you get throughout interrogation as Dick does not document any of it in his pocketbook.
  • Keep away from a stomach lull of lead by merely studying the hoods’ shot patterns. Some will squat as they hearth (they will not alter their stance), whereas others stand. As soon as you recognize that a lot, you may merely have him leap over or duck below the bullets.
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Stewed Prune face

If all goes properly and Dick collects the mandatory clues plus avoids making one too many false arrests, he’ll be capable to nab the offender, put them within the slammer, after which transfer onto one of many 4 remaining circumstances “A Bang-Up Job,” “Torchsong Story,” “Financial institution’s A-Lot,” and the “Kidnap Caper.”

Three false arrests will lose you the game. Trace: Responsible individuals give nice clam imitations. Press on for extra proof earlier than you let Dick make an official arrest.

Dick Tracy Game Online

Dick Tracy is kind of a colorful character, certainly. Although this game is not feverishly excessive on the motion gage, it retains in sync with Dick’s true-blue non-violent character, and it actually makes you utilize your noodle throughout your investigations. So, for those who like a game with a mix of shoot ’em-up and considering, hit the city with Dick Tracy.

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