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How to Select the Best Teams in Super League Greece

The Super League Greece, or Super League Interference for sponsorship purposes, is currently the third-largest professional association football competition in the country. The league was established on 16 July 2006 and was replaced at the top of the Greek professional league pyramid by Alpha Interventions. Some people believe that the current incarnation of the Super League was designed to introduce a younger generation of fans into the sport. Others say that it was a step towards restructuring football in the country, with the goal of making it more appealing to a younger set of fans. Whatever the reasoning, the league has had a very successful first season, setting all kinds of records along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the Super League Greece records that were broken during the first few months of the season.

Super League Greece

Most Goals: The season started off with the biggest goal in history, the quadruple of consecutive goals by Olympiacos against APOEL and FC Barcelona. After four matches, the league leader Barcelona was knocked out of the competition. An equally surprising turn of events saw AC Milan reclaim their place at the top after overcoming Besikoum in the Greek Super League. These two teams alone represented the top sides in the competition and marked the beginning of what would be a lengthy and hotly contested season. In the end, though, Real Madrid edged out AC Milan in a penalty kick tussle that saw them win the treble.

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Biggest Goalscorer: The only true way to measure a player’s worth as a goal scorer is to put him in the shoes of every star in the annals of history and see what they would do. That’s impossible, so we’ll have to settle for the best player who recorded a hat trick in each match. This season, Diego Maradona helped his side win the treble and added a goal to his tally; he is now the only man to ever accomplish this feat. The feat is only second to Ronaldo, who has also won the previous two titles.

Best Team Performance: Despite being the defending champions, AC Milan didn’t perform up to expectations, going into the break tied on points. Real Madrid, on the other hand, won their respective matches by overwhelming displays, not allowing even Fixtures to take their toll on their psyche. The aggregate scores say it all.

Super League Greece Standings

Greatest Attendance: Despite being in fourth, AC Milan still managed to attract a huge crowd in Greece to watch their matches. Part of this may have been due to the fact that they were hosting ACB, the holders of the league title, in their home stadium, San Siro. However, the rest of the Italian teams also have a large fan following. Roma even sold out their home stadium, the Stadio Olimpico, which is considered one of the best in the world. Inter Milan as well as Fiorentina, both from Italy, sold out their venues as well. Overall, no team was left out of the super league, with Inter topping the table with an impressive score of oca against Benfica, while Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven, Norwich City, and Wolves all failing.

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Finest Teams: This was expected to be an easy competition, with only two sides actually qualifying for the playoffs. Neither AS Roma nor Fiorentina came close to qualifying, although their performances were not that bad. Roma is largely considered to be favorites to win the treble, but recently the Italian national team coach Cesare Prueoglio has hinted that Roma players may need to improve on certain things. Perhaps more seasoned players can help Roma rise to the top. Meanwhile, former Barcelona star FC Barcelona forward, Andres Guardado has impressed at right-wing, providing some much-needed balance in attack for Roma.

Super League Greece 2

Most Goalscorers: One thing is for sure when Real Madrid and AC Milan play each other in the Super League, it will be a heated rivalry. Roma has been known to struggle against these top sides, not to mention past champions AC Milan. This year is shaping up to be an exciting season, with plenty of high-quality matches to watch. Who knows who will win the treble this season?

Most Entertaining Teams: It’s fair to say that Greece is not a footballing country for the fairer sex. With an average age of just over 29, there are few (if any) women players in the leagues. That being said, it seems that some of the best female players have had the good fortune of coming through the ranks of Greek soccer. Akosua Babouli is a well-traveled player who currently plays for @FCG_OS. Other names that might have come into your mind include Angelikios Psalidis, Vasilieidis, and Stamoiko Skoropanis. These are some names to keep an eye out for this season.

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